Hate Beyond “Verge of Death” Upcoming Release + Release Concerts


Some more Japanese metal releases for you guys. This time is the Osaka death/thrashers Hate Beyond. Hailing from Osaka and consisting of guitarist Warzy, who’s the only original member of the band, the new lineup also features Keiichiro Kanamaru on vocals, Masaki Kamomiya on drums, and Yuichi Senda on bass guitar.

This upcoming release, “Verge of Death” will be limited to 500 copies, and will be over fifty minutes of some of the most brutal death metal influenced thrash to hail from Osaka (Osaka, why do you make such amazing music?). They have the speed and aggression in the likes of Dark Angel and Sadus, if you like either of those bands you’ll like these crazy maniacs.


This album is going to be released on April 25, 2016. Unfortunately, this album will be limited to 500 CDs, so you gotta jump on it as soon as you can (not before I do however). I do wish they can make a digital copy for the fans number 501 and beyond. This will be released under Thrashing Cult Records and Jackhammer Music, running you a good 2,000 JPY.

This fifty-three minute album will contain thirteen killer tracks. Here is a list of the tracks on this vicious slab of death thrash coming out next month:

  1. Perpetual Pain (instrumental)
  2. Verge of Death
  3. Forced Into Suicide
  4. Demigod
  5. Gray World
  6. Raging Fire Burning
  7. Endless Mortality
  8. Assassin
  9. Fall to Twisted
  10. Violent Anger
  11. Defeat Impossible
  12. Slaughter of the Innocents
  13. Eternal Damnation

Now on top of the CDs, you can also get a t-shirt of this album as well, costing around 2,500 JPY. If you want the CD or the t-shirt, head on over to Jackhammer Music and make an order.


Purchase Hate Beyond “Verge of Death” CD and t-shirt

Also, that’s not all the news concerning this awesome band. They also got quite a busy schedule this spring due to the release of their upcoming album.


Here, we can see their upcoming spring mini-tour of Japan. According to the poster above, the shows they will be performing will go as follows:

April 28th (Saturday) – Osaka – Shinsaibashi Juza
April 30th (Saturday) – Nagoya – Tight Rope
May 1st (Sunday) – Tokyo – Shinjuku Wild Side
June 18th (Saturday) – Beijing, China

For information on purchasing tickets for this show, please shoot an email over to mail@warzy.info. All of their Japan dates will cost 3,000 JPY (2,500 for the ticket, 500 for the drink ticket).

Warzy’s Homepage

Check below for one of the tracks in Hate Beyond’s upcoming album, this one is called “Gray World”.

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