Reissue: Narcotic Greed “Fatal”


It’s 1994, and the underground thrash metal scene of the West has died out. Thrash was either seen as too extreme for the mainstream, or as too weak in the underground due to the rise of the death and black metal scenes. It was the dark ages of thrash in the West. However,  in the land of the rising sun, one certain band just didn’t give a fuck and wanted to make thrash. That band was Narcotic Greed from Osaka.

In 1994, they said “fuck it” and made some old school thrash as if 1990 never happened, and created one of the greatest released ever made, titled “Fatal”. That’s exactly the sound you’re gonna get when you hear this, just pure, fatal thrash metal. Unfortunately, as the Western thrash scene has faded out and thrash took a backseat, this album never got the recognition it deserved.

Now, since the mid-2000’s, thrash metal has made something of a comeback thanks to the likes of Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, Warbringer, Violator, to name a few who have in turn converted a whole horde of bands into making thrash metal in the vein of the 80’s. With this revival of thrash metal, Warzy, the guitarist for Narcotic Greed has decided to reissue this great album for our purchasing pleasure.

I gotta say, while this is a thrash album reminiscent of the 80’s, it definitely has it’s own sound that removes it from being just your typical Bay Area wannabe band. They’re highly technical, but still doesn’t cease to cause some insane headbanging. Here is the tracklist for this cult classic:

  1. As the World is Burnt
  2. Greed
  3. Scanning Hell
  4. Lost Power
  5. Injector II
  6. Disruption
  7. Future Kill
  8. Partial Existence
  9. As the World is Burnt (Crisis Of Ruin – Demo)
  10. Partial Existence (Crisis Of Ruin – Demo)
  11. Obsessed Mind (Crisis Of Ruin – Demo)
  12. Greed (Crisis Of Ruin – Demo)
  13. Immortal Germ (Crisis Of Ruin – Demo)
  14. Who’s Your God (Crisis Of Ruin – Demo)
  15. Lost Power (Crisis Of Ruin – Demo)
  16. Absurd War (Crisis Of Ruin – Demo)

This is definitely a really great opportunity to get your hands on this rare item. You can purchase from Jackhammer Music if you’re in Japan. If you’re outside of Japan though, best to get it from Divebomb Records.

Purchase “Fatal” (In Japan)

Purchase “Fatal” (International)

Also, follow Warzy, the guitarist of this band on his homepage.

Warzy Homepage

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